Selasa, September 26, 2023

Example retrofit upload file

<!-- wp:prettycode/code {"language":"java","file":"","source":"package;nnimport;nnimport okhttp3.RequestBody;nimport retrofit2.Call;nimport retrofit2.http.Multipart;nimport retrofit2.http.POST;nimport retrofit2.http.Part;nnpublic interface ApiInterface {nn @Multipartn @POST("rest_upload.php") //end_pointn Call uploadPdf(@Part("ff\"; filename=\"file.pdf\" ") RequestBody file, @Part("filedescription") RequestBody filedescription);nn}"} /--> <!-- wp:prettycode/code {"language":"java","file":"","source":"package;nnimport android.Manifest;nimport android.content.Intent;nimport android.os.Build;nimport...

Php auto create mail on cpanel whm, Php membuat email otomatis di cpanel whm

<!-- wp:prettycode/code {"language":"php","file":"autogenerate_email.php","source":" Php auto create email account on cpanel Php auto create email account on whm Tutorial membuat email otomatis menggunakan php di cpanel Php auto mail

Auto create subdomain php cpanel, Membuat subdomain otomatis di cpanel whm

<!-- wp:prettycode/code {"language":"php","file":"autosubdomain.php","source":" php auto create subdomain cpanel php auto create subdomain whm php membuat subdomain otomatis di cpanel/whm php auto subdomain

Java android studio generate qr

<!-- wp:prettycode/code {"language":"java","file":"Generate_qr","source":"import;nimport;nimport;nimport;nn//sample GenerateQr(ImageView, "Value Qr");npublic void GenerateQr(ImageView imageview,String content){n QRCodeWriter writer = new QRCodeWriter();n try {nn ...

PHP write text to image, Add text to image

<!-- wp:prettycode/code {"language":"php","file":"sample","source":" Php write text to image Php add text to image Php menambahkan text ke gambar php menulis text ke gambar php edit gambar

Php format size (kb, mb, gb)

<!-- wp:prettycode/code {"language":"php","file":"format_size.php","source":""} /--> Php format size Php file size to mb Php convert size to mb Php cek ukuran file Php format ukuran file

php send fcm android notification

<!-- wp:prettycode/code {"language":"php","file":"fcm_send","source":" ,ntt'to' => $user_tokenn );nn $curl = curl_init();nn $ch = curl_init();n curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, '');n curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POST, true);n curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER, array(n 'Content-Type: application/json',n ...

php retrieves the contents of the specified div

<!-- wp:prettycode/code {"language":"php","file":"sample","source":"<?phpnnfunction getcontent_div($content, $id){n if(is_array($id)){nn foreach($id as $i){nn $content = preg_replace('#(*?)#', '$1', $content);n }nn return...

Php removes the div and displays the contents

<!-- wp:prettycode/code {"language":"php","file":"sample","source":"<?phpnnfunction remove_htmltag($content, $tag){n if(is_array($tag)){nn foreach($id as $i){nn $content = preg_replace('#(*?)#', '$1', $content);n }nn return...